Drunk Off The Power Of Responsibility

My first experience with short term car insurance (you can buy it from carinsurancefor1day.co.uk  in the UK) was also my last. It had nothing to do with the quality service I received from my short term insurance company, but the situation in which I was forced to use it. I am not typically an angry driver, but nor do I typically encounter such grotesque misuse of an automobile. This gentlemen in front me could be seen taking swigs from whiskey bottle. I assumed it was whiskey because of the odd block shape of the bottle. Now this man was driving, drinking, and swerving in and out of on coming traffic. Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to having a good time and I do believe an individual should be allowed to put themselves in harms way. What I disagree with are laws that protect me from my own stupidity. However, that does not mean you should be able to recklessly endanger the lives of others. There were families traveling on vacation in minivans, teenage hooligans on their way to the mall, and elderly folk just wasting time. These people should not be subjected to the drunken maneuvers of what I assume was a hopeless romantic. He could have been drunk for any number of reason, but, through my own personal experience, I believed he was doing the dance of a lovelorn idiot.

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I phoned the police as I stayed a healthy distance behind this man, gave them the license plate number, and acted as his a horn in an effort to alert would be participates in an accident. I continued to follow as he continued to drink. I slowly edged my way closer to him to see I could possible nudge him off the road thus preventing an accident. I was directly behind him when he decided to slam on his breaks, which resulted in me slamming into the back of his car at about 70 miles an hour.

The police eventually arrived with tow tucks and an ambulance. No one was hurt, but both of our cars were wrecked. When the police searched the man's car they found the block shaped bottled of some Fuji water. Turns out the man wasn't drunk, only extremely happy about a new promotion he had just received and was simply doing a happy car dance to some Euro techno trash song on his stereo. Unfortunately when the police searched my car they found a half drunken beer bottle unknowingly left by one of my idiot friends. I ended up having my license revoked and have had to resort to using a bicycle as a means of transportation. Luckily, I happen to have just purchased some short term car insurance the week before. Did I mention this was a brand new car and had less than a hundred miles on it before being completely destroyed. So although you should never avoid being a hero, it is probably best not to go out of your way to be one.

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