Sports Injury Insurance

For you, if sports are more than just something on the television, you should consider buying sports insurance. Many people have never considered, or even heard of, sports insurance and have questions about it.

Who needs sports insurance?

From the Saturday footballer in the park to the professional athlete, sports insurance should be considered. Protecting yourself in case of a sports-related injury is the sensible thing to do. Whether you are an amateur who takes their sports seriously, or a professional playing every day, you should take a moment to find out more about buying sports insurance. And, of course, people going on skiing, sailing, biking, golfing and sports-themed holidays would be very wise to take out the insurance since an E111 tourist health insurance card does not always cover extensive treatment due to sporting injuries abroad, and the E111 is only for certain European countries.

Why buy sports insurance?

Typically, after a significant sporting injury, you can find yourself off work for weeks or maybe months at a time. This can put your home and family in jeopardy. Sports insurance helps to cover the household expenses and loss of earnings. It also contributes to physiotherapy and treatment. Importantly, if you play a contact sport, sports insurance can give you liability coverage for injury to other people or property. Of course, each insurance package offers different things and different levels of coverage this is why it is important to make sure you choose the right coverage for your specific needs.


Who sells sports insurance?

Start at this list of sports insurers from the UK Insurance Index  which lists major insurers and sub-categories depending on chosen sport. There is general sports insurance or insurance specific to the activities you do (golf insurance, tennis insurance, horse riding insurance etc.) Well reviewed companies include Sportscover Direct, Snowcard  and Sports Injury Insurance.

How much does it cost?

The cost, of course, depends on the depth of coverage you are looking for, the potential danger of your chosen sports, how many people are covered in a policy and the length of time you are taking it out for. For basic coverage, expect prices to start at just a few pounds a month.

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